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Frequently asked questions

Which parasites does it cover?


NexGard Spectra® covers five key dog parasites: fleas, ticks, mites, lungworm and roundworms in a single, monthly, tasty chew.* Now licensed to treat ear mites.**

How often does it need to be given?


Dogs need to be treated regularly throughout the year to control fleas, ticks, mites, lungworm and roundworms. NexGard Spectra® can be given every month, according to the prescribing vet’s instructions.

Is it given with or without food?


NexGard Spectra® is a tasty chew designed to be delicious to dogs. It can be given on its own like a treat or with food as preferred.

What flavour is it and is it suitable for dogs with food allergies?


NexGard Spectra® has a beef flavour which is derived from milk proteins and some artificial flavouring.1 There is no actual meat in the chew so it can be used in dogs with a beef allergy. It may contain ingredients of animal origin such as dairy, egg and bee products (e.g. honey, bees wax). No other ingredients of animal origin are contained in the flavour. NexGard Spectra® is gluten free.

Might ticks still be seen on dogs?


NexGard Spectra® kills ticks quickly, by exposing them to the product after they attach. This means that it may be possible to find ticks on treated dogs before they are killed, particularly in areas which have a lot of ticks. It is a good idea to regularly check dogs for ticks and remove them appropriately as soon as possible, even if they appear to have been killed.

Does it cover tapeworm?


NexGard Spectra® does not cover tapeworm. A separate tapewormer product should therefore be used at a frequency appropriate to the individual risk of the dog.

Why should owners use NexGard Spectra®?


NexGard Spectra® is a premium product which provides broad spectrum and reliable parasite cover against five key dog parasites (fleas, ticks, mites, lungworm and roundworms) in a single, monthly, tasty chew. This means that owners don’t have to buy multiple products to achieve the same level of cover. It is also especially designed to be delicious to dogs so makes giving broad spectrum parasite cover easy and just like giving a treat!

Are there any side effects?


As with any medicine, some side effects are possible. Vomiting, diarrhoea, lethargy, anorexia and pruritus have been uncommonly observed, although were generally self-limiting and of short duration. Erythema and neurological signs have been reported very rarely (less than 1 in 10,000 animals).

Does it pose any risk to the environment?


NexGard Spectra® underwent thorough testing by the regulatory authority that approved it (the European Medicines Agency), including assessment of environmental safety. The European Medicines Agency concluded that the product is not expected to pose a risk to the environment when used correctly.

Should dogs be wormed every month against roundworms?

FAQ 10

Once a dog has roundworm, they can start passing roundworm eggs in their poo after just a few weeks. These eggs end up in parks, private gardens and other outside areas where they are a human health risk – especially to children – since roundworms are associated with diseases like blindness, asthma, epilepsy and even decreased learning ability.2–5 Whilst worming dogs every 3 months will reduce the numbers of eggs passed in their poo, only worming dogs every month will virtually eliminate egg shedding.6,7 Fewer eggs shed will help prevent contamination of the environment and help protect people from being exposed.

Can NexGard Spectra® be used in pregnant, lactating or breeding bitches?

My dog is pregnant, breeding or nursing. Can I use NexGard Spectra<sup>®</sup>?

Yes, Nexgard Spectra® can be used in pregnant, breeding and lactating bitches.


Please note that use in breeding male dogs is still a decision for the prescribing vet according to a benefit-risk assessment.

* NexGard Spectra® also covers heartworm, hookworms, whipworm and eyeworm. NexGard Spectra®’s mite indication is for treatment of sarcoptic mange and demodicosis. NexGard Spectra® is not licensed for tapeworms.
** Caused by Otodectes cynotis.


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NexGard Spectra® contains afoxolaner and milbemycin oxime. UK: POM-V IE: POM. Further information available in the SPC or from Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health UK Ltd., RG12 8YS, UK. UK Tel: 01344 746959 (sales) or 01344 746957 (technical), IE Tel: 01 291 3985 (all queries). Email: NexGard Spectra® is a registered trademark of Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health France SCS, used under licence. ©2023 Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health UK Ltd. All rights reserved. Date of preparation: October 2023. UI-CAN-0129-2023. Use Medicines Responsibly.